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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 22, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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with tillman and ron davis, the owner, straight ahead on "fox & friends" after the show show. see you tomorrow at the same time, same channel. fox news alert at this hour, there is a desperate search for 11 missing oil rig workers about 50 miles after the coast of louisiana, the coast guard is back at sea this morning, searching for a second straight day, after this catastrophic explosion. look at that picture, it ripped through a drilling platform, late on tuesday night, it might be one of the worst off-shore drilling accidents we've seen in 50 years, that blast blew workers off the rig, 17 seriously injured. also getting word, the lucky ones, the survivors, are being renewite dollars with family members in new orleans, and breaking details on that, off the coast and on shore in moments here. in the meantime they are returning after the financial earthquake rocked
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the economy to its core, the president heads to new york city to make new regulations on wall street, it would be the most sweeping overhaul of the financial sector since the 1930s. critics call it a jobs killer. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: welcome back, bill, good morning to you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. while the president is making a pitch -- senators on both sides of the aisle try to negotiate a deal, one of the top economic advisers believes this has the votes to pass. take a look. >> i think you're going to see independent members of ck, of both parties are going to read the bill and say i totally agree with what is happening here, we need to end bailouts, too big to fail, derivatives out into the open so, so i think they're going to vote for it. bull bill we're getting earth word of what the president is going to say in manhattan. major, is this speech about new policy? >> it's not, bill.
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this is a speech to round up votes on capitol hill, make the case, and symbolically portray what happened in the great recession as something set in motion by recklessness and to a certain measure, greed on wall street. now, the president has got about 700 people in the audience at cooper union, some of them are going to be pretty high flyers on wall street, one of them, gary kohn, the coo of goldman sachs, now facing a lawsuit filed by who? the securities and exchange commission. the charge? defrauding and lying to its clients about creating investment devices that goldman had some reason to believe might not pan out and trading on them while not telling its own very clients, that's something that goldman aggressively disputes and will fight against the sec. but against that backdrop, the president will talk about what happened on wall street, and what needs to change, and part of his speech, the white house has provided some excerpts as they typically do when there's a big speech, let me read one part of now -- it now, some on wall street forgot that every dollar traded or leveraged there is
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a family looking to buy a house, pay for an education, open a business or save for retirement. what happens here has real consequences for our country. of course, it doesn't take too much to understand what the president is trying to do with this speech. it's to take the reforms he's pushing against wall street, very technical in some cases, hard to work out, and say in the main, you're either for a changed attitude on wall street or you're not, creating that sort of fundamental black and white change or choice, rather, and tell congress, i dare you to vote for the status quo. bill: we're going to bring john boehner on next hour, he's already calling this a jobs killer, we've heard from the mayor of new york city saying you're going to drive more business out of america. what are the sticking points in getting this through at the moment, major? >> one of the biggest sticking points, and there are many, bill, but let me go with the biggest one, in this legislation, the senate teams to define what is a big financial institution, what kind of capital requirements it has, how much capital do you have to keep to cover your potentially leveraged or risky financial maneuvers.
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well, who falls under that umbrella? and that exact definition of how much capital you have to have, who has to have that kind of capital, really is the sort of crux of the matter on capitol hill as i've learned it, because many financial institutions are saying wait, we don't want to be under that kind of heavy regulatory umbrella, just the big guys, the big guys say we don't necessarily want to be under those capital requirements, too, that will limit our way of dealing with customers. what is this consumer protection agency going to do, what powers will it have, who will want it, and what do you do about a derivatives, a trillion dollars market, largely unregulated, how do you regulate without sending that derivatives market overseas and some have said on the republican party side, if you send it overseas, it will not be more transparent, it would just provide jobs for people in other countries. bill: others would argue that wall street is in the business of making money and they'll find another instrument or tool, no matter what regulation you slap on them, that's what you hear in new york city, and when the president comes
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here, there is significance for the location. why is that, major? >> reporter: first of all, cooper union is a very famous place for presidential speeches. if you go back through, maybe do a quick google search on cooper union, abraham lincoln gave a speech denouncing slavery, many presidents have given famous speeches at cooper union, candidate obama was there in march 2008 and he gave a speech about the need for wall street to change its ways and the potential coming financial crisis, march of 208, long -- 2008, long before the meltdown began, this is regarded by the inner circle as an indication that he knew something was coming, called for change and is going to go back and said i was right, we need the change, let's push it through. bill: major garrett, good to have you on, thanks. martha: what is this all about, what does it boil down tortion and what does it mean for you and our economy? these are very big, important questions that need to be kept in mind while watching the speech this morning. stuart varney of the fox
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business network joins us live. stuart, you heard what majored, he said the president is going to say look, wall street, you big, you know, big fat cats, as he called them, behind every single transaction is a real person, a real family. is this bill, stuart, as you take a look at t. is this going to protect the little guy, and who else may be -- maybe should they be protected from? prps fannie mae and freddie mac, for example. >> reporter: the day after this bill is signed, and it will be signed, the day after, do not wake up in the morning and expect that your credit card, your bank account, your mutual fund, your 401(k), your pension money, do not expect any change in the way you handle your own personal money. there will be no immediate impact on individuals. this is a big-picture reform, in which the big players of the money world are being told how they will organize their money in the future. where they can invest it. how much they can invest. the whole structure. the big picture structure of
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the financial world is going to change long term. specifically, you're going to see a slowdown in the rate of growth of the financial industry. it has been the huge job creator of the last generation. it's expanded enormously since the 1980s. that expansion, that job growth, will slow down and probably go into reverse. you're going to see more lawsuits. we've got a consumer financial protection agency, and that essentially is a lawsuit agency, so if you make an investment sometime in the future and they say it wasn't explained properly to me, you're probably going to see quite a few more lawsuits there. martha: so -- >> it's a long-term, big-picture impact on you and i. martha: there's a lot of demonizing on wall street going on, and people seem to like the idea of cracking down on them, but what not everyone may realize and i think what is worth thinking about is that, you know, with the lack of manufacturing industry that we have in this country now, it has been diminished greatly, the financial services industry is one of
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the biggest economic engines of our country and it's not just for new york, obviously, it extends all across the country, so when you crack down on what wall street can and cannot do and we understand there were big mistakes made here but there was a lot of good stuff and growth that was also found during those years, how is that going to exact an attempt at economic growth, stuart? >> a couple of points. if you push some economic activity like these derivatives trading, you push that overseas, wall street firms still make the money, but they don't employ people in america. so there's an area where it would be a job killer, to coin a phrase. secondly, this is a big increase in executive authority. executive power. that's a kind of a shift. it's also -- it also shifts the blame to the great panic in the great recession. if you demonize wall street and that's what's happening, you're saying the blame lies with the bankers, it takes the blame away from the politicians who indeed had a hand in getting this started
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and collapsed years ago. martha: in the time i have left, i want to share a quote, this is from when the president went to california and was supporting barbara boxer in her election race there. here's what he said, to this entire year and a half of cleaning up this mess, it has been tough, because the very folks responsible for a large portion of this mess decided to stand on the sidelines. it was as if somebody had driven their car into a ditch and they just watched as you, i believe he's referring to the american people here, had to yank it out and ask why didn't you do it faster, why is there a scratch on my fender. is that a fair depiction of what wall street has done since these mistakes and this crisis began? >> i think the president was pointing the finger of blame squarely at wall street, the entire financial business. i think there's a lot more blame to be spread around. regulators, politicians, and, yes, the bankers. spread that blame around, please. martha: and the sec as well. >> yes. martha: dropped a lot of balls along the way. we're going to be watching
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this closely, stuart, we thank you for shedding light on it as you do so well, thank you, sir. >> thanks martha. martha: have a good day. we know many are online while watching the newsroom. check out our website, go to the you decide link. we want to know what you think about this. because you know, when you look at the big headlines, you may have one feeling about it, when you get beneath them, you may feel differently about it. that's what we're here for, so we can report on all of it and you can decide what you think. are you in favor of this bill to regulate wall street further? go to, weigh in, we've got 5000 people so far taking this nonscientific survey, it's a question we're throwing out there, 95 percent say they do not voart of -- support of it of those 5000. that's an important number. bill: my guess is by 11:00 a.m., it will be 10,000 we'll double that. in the meantime the investigation of goldman sachs prompting politicians to keep distance from that firm, a democratic senator, blanche lincoln, canceling a fund-raiser, but under fire from critics for not returning the contributions she's received from goldman
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sachs. on friday the sec charging goldman with defrauding investor, goldman strongly denying those allegations. martha: he sparked a major controversy when he called islam, quote, evil and wicked, following the september 11th attacks, and today, reverend billy graham's son, franklin graham, is very much back in the news. take a look. >> we're in war, and we need to pray for our military, we need to pray for our president and all those in authority. that's what the national day of prayer is all about. it's not about islam versus christianty or whatever. martha: we'll tell you why one very outspoken person in the army doesn't want franklin graham speaking at the annual event. franklin graham has a son serving his fourth tour of duty. bill: how about hot pictures? i mean hot! nasa is releasing the big paul of fire in space on film. martha: want to see more of that. check out this! look at this! we're going to ask how he
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did that move, if he planned it, if he had tried it before. bill: this guy is the hit of the internet already! martha: love it, look at that! way to go, buddy! we're going to talk to him, coming up.
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bill: all right, fox news alert, news on the economy this morning, breaking news, in fact. the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits in the past week, 456,000. now, that's a drop of 24,000 over last week, so there's your silver lining. but still you're up about 450, and the unemployment rate, waiting to see whether or not that changes. nine point seven, is it holding fast and still? we'll find out as we move later in the week. martha: the national day of prayer is back in the headlines today, this time, it's because the u.s. army is considering, listen to this, withdrawing their invitation to evangelist franklin graham, the son, of
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course, of reverend billy graham, a watchdog group says that graham's past description of islam as an evil religion, he said that right after september 11th, could stir up muslim extremists and put u.s. troops in danger. graham defended his decision this morning. >> we're in war, and we need to pray for our military, we need to pray for our president and all those in authority. that's what the national day of prayer is all about. it's not about islam versus christianty or whatever, it's about a nation, coming together, and praying for its leadership, and that's what we're going to do on may sixth, national day of prayer, to focus this nation on praying to god, to ask for his help. martha: all right, that was franklin graham this morning, and joining me now is no relation, but he's michael graham, radio talk show host we all know from boston. good to have you with us today, welcome. >> you break my mother's heart every time you remind her that i'm not related to franklin graham! if i were looking for
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problems with riled up muslims at the pentagon, i wouldn't be worried about franklin graham, i'd be worried about the army sergeant communicating with an al-qaeda terrorist by e-mail who is telling his fellow doctors in the army medical corps he wanted to cut off their heads and power oil down their throats before he fired at people at fort hood. all the people should have a problem with them, not franklin graham. i ask my mom this, she said be sure to mention that franklin graham -- because my parents supported the graham ministries, that they won the samaritan's purse charity, which offers services around the world, including muslim countries. they have a hospital in sudan. a hospital whose doors are open to anyone who needs it and a hospital run by franklin graham that's been bombed not by mormon os or methodist, hint hint, so it's unfair to take the national day of prayer issue and try to turn to the ancillary issues about the
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outstanding problems inside islam that most muslims don't share, most muslims regret them, too, and i think that's unfair to franklin graham and his ministry. martha: let me tell you what the other side said, mikey weinstein says that bringing franklin graham to be the main speaker at this event for the national day of prayer is like bringing someone in on national prayer day, madly denigrate ing christianty. >> here's the point. one thing is, any time you see a group, who the name of the group includes religious freedom, inevitably it's usually freedom from -- freedom from religion, people uncomfortable with any type of religion, so i think there are public dids plays about religion behind this, but that set aside when you're standing in a mosque and preaching, you preach that islam is the right way and therefore other ways are wrong ways. when imam shows up at a prayer, ecumenical prayer,
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and i've been to them, he doesn't preach that, he preeches commonality and franklin graham is going to do the same thing, on the national day of prayer, it's the commonality of faith. of course there are ideological differences and divides. franklin graham is not going to issue the prayer and ask people to come down front. he's a great speaker and has done great work. martha: there may be a bigger picture. we know that judge kravis wants this to be constitutional. we're going to keep on this. there may be a larger agenda at work. thank you, michael graham, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. bill: it is violence of epidemic proportions. that is a quote from a sheriff talking about america's southern border. he says he needs a national guard and needs it asap. we'll talk to that sheriff here. martha: and new information, a search underway off the louisiana coast, 11 oil rig workers, missing, more than 48 hours after a massive explosion. what the coast guard is now telling us.
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martha: we are waiting for former alaska governor sarah palin to take the stand, she's testifying against a tennessee man charged with hacking into her e-mail account. shortly after she was named vice presidential candidate. remember this? the trial is underway in knoxville, prosecutors say that david kernell, a former university of tennessee student, hacked into palin's account right after she was tabbed as mccain's running mate in '08, kernell is charged with identity theft, wire fraud, intentionally accessing palin's account without authorization, and obstructing an fbi investigation. those are very serious charges, folks. this young man faces 50 years in prison. bill: next hour, right? new details in the meantime on the families of 11
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missing oil rig workers. they are now holding out hope today that their loved ones will be found save and alive, floating at sea. missing since late on tuesday night when the rig exploded and caught fire. what an explosion it was, too. some of this tape is just mind-boggling. the coast guard has resumed the aerial search in the waters of louisiana already today, looking signs for life, that rig operated by transocean, the company's vice president saying there were no problems leading up to the incident late tuesday >> we don't know what caused the incident. our efforts are fiercely concentrated on caring for the people and secondly, securing the rig. we will fully cooperate with the regulatory agencies, the coast guard and mms on the investigation, but we're not there yet. bill: in the meantime survivors are being reunited with family members in new orleans, they're the lucky ones. frais gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom with the latest. what are you finding out? good morning. >> reporter: the focus us
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is on the 11 still missing. we talked with the coast guard. the good news about resuming this search at day break, the weather is crystal clear. but here's what they're working against. you talk about the clock a lot. they're telling me that in a water temperature, 67 degrees, that you can survive about 40 hours, and we are getting very near that 40 hour mark. the rig was called the deepwater horizon, and as you can see, this thing is still burning, and it will burn at least throughout the day today. it's the size, really, that's kind of hard to figure, it's the size of two football fields and it's pumping out 13,000-gallons of crude per minute, or per hour, rather. what they're trying to do is they're trying to get with british petroleum, they're the kind of source for this, they're trying to get with them to turn off the source so they can stop this fire. you know, it looks like -- look at the picture, it looks like a mushroom cloud out there. the benefit of this, in the late hour of last night, was this was shining a great deal of light on the water, allowing them to search late
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into the night. they have so far covered some 2000 square miles of surface area, of sea area, out there in the gulf. we're talking about 126 who were on board, 11 missing, 17 injured. and remember, when this thing blew up, they had to get in those life rafts and they had to sometimes jump off the 75-foot program into the water, which is why some of the injuries are burns and smoke inhalation, as well as broken legs. the search is resuming. we will bring you any breaking information on this as it comes in to the west coast newsroom. bill: boy, it is awful. a tough time for the families, too, in such a vast area, the coast guard doing their best out there. trace, thank you, trace gallagher from our west coast newsroom, good to see you my friend. here's martha. martha: breaking news on a key endorsement in one of the most watched political races in america. this is a fox news exclusive, folks. and you're going to want to hear who is throwing their name into this race, in just
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a couple of minutes. bill: that's intriguing, i like that. also a look back at pretty powerful words on the campaign trail, then-senator obama, making a pledge about taxes in america. roll this. >> if you make less than a quarter million dollars a year, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime, not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax, nothing, because the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class. bill: so now fast forward today, president obama is indicating a tax used all over the world that hits everyone at every income level might be on the table. does that break a campaign promise? the debate, in three minutes.
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martha: all right, this is a big piece of information here, breaking news out of the florida campaign trail, one of the hottest senate races in the country. this is the primary race for the republican side, word of a huge endorsement is just coming in exclusively here at fox news, carl cameron has it for us, live from washington. what's going on carl? >> reporter: hi martha. marco rubio is the former house speaker in florida, and the republican candidate going up against charlie crist for the gop nomination for senator. crist obviously is the republican governor of florida. and today, the former vice president dick cheney has endorsed rubio with a scathing statement about charie crist. i'm going to read a little to you right now, he says we can trust marco to stand up to the obama agenda that threatens our freedom and
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promotes clear conservative alternatives, but dick cheney goes on and says, quote, charlie crist has shown time and again that he cannot be trusted in washington to take on the obama agenda because on issue after issue, he actually supports that agenda. former vice president dick cheney says lately it seems charlie crist cannot even be trusted to remain a republican. i strongler urge we either stay in the republican primary or drop out of the race. two things at play here, charlie crist has been contemplating a possible independent run because the political environment has been so difficult, rubio has been leading the polls for some time and this announcement comes a day after the florida republic was barack -- wracked by news there was a preliminary investigation underway, a criminal investigation, potentially, of the possible wrongdoing involved by the republican party of florida which rubio had used its credit card, he was speaker of the house, they had given him a credit card to do business, traveling around the state and he ran up $100,000 worth of bills.
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there are allegations that that was improper and the republican party of florida's finances were screwed up, so to some extent, today's announcement of cheney's endorsement provides an opportunity for them to sort of turn the page and change the subject. martha: as you point out, it's been a very tough race for charlie crist and one of the things they've been throwing back at the rubio campaign are the allegations, this concern about the way the money was spent, you know, and rubio has gotten a number of high profile endorsements lately, mitt romney and now dick cheney so the timing may be to rally around marco rubio. >> they don't make any bones about that, they say the investigation will ultimately prove nothing and that marco did nothing wrong but they do point out this is a good news of news that they hope will suppress that story, but the thing is a week from tomorrow charlie crist has to make a decision about running as an independent. he has been having conversations with friends and family about this possibility. the clock is ticking, and crist donors across florida
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are essentially saying to him, charlie, don't leave the party, if you do, we want our money back. martha: whoa. >> all this comes as the state party tomorrow is expected to dump a lot of the documents about its spending, and then the chips will fall where they may. martha: whoa, a dramatic story playing out in florida. thank you for bringing us the very latest and as you say, april 30th is the date by which charie crist has to decide whether he will take an independent crack at it. carl, as always, thank you very much, very important news today. bill: in the meantime the white house playing down reports that president obama is considering a national sales tax, known as a v.a.t., value-added tax. take that, we say. it's widely used in europe to keep deficits down but critics say it will overburden already struggling american families and the entire u.s. economy. here's the press secretary robert gibbs, asked about it just yesterday. >> is there anything this administration is doing to consider, calculate, pose, in any way, shape or form, way or measure, a potential
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decifit implications or economic implications of a value-added tax? >> this is not something the president has proposed, nor is it under consideration. bill: that was monday. listen to what the president said about the v.a.t. yesterday on wednesday, quoting know -- now, i know there's been talk lately about the value-added tax, that is something that's worked for some countries, it's something that would be novel for the united states, end quote, going on to say they want to see what all the options are to many of those, he did not want to rule out. for a fair and balanced debate, ad adam geller, and kir sister powers. how you two doing, good morning! >> good morning. >> adam is breathing fire on this sucker. you call it an unmitigated disaster adam? >> it is an unmitigated disaster and it is absolutely going back on a fundamental campaign promise. taxes are going up, folks, if this thing goes through on everybody. bill: do you think it does go through? i don't know what to read on this. >> i'd be very surprised.
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>> if it's one thing, we got a suggestion from the president yesterday, a spokesperson came out after that interview and said we're not thinking about that. what's the truth adam? >> the truth of the matter is i think they're floating it, i think they got their talking points memos mixed up, and it would not surprise me if this is going to be a slow burn that they're looking to do. i would be very surprised if coming up on the midterm elections they try and push it through. they might be thinking right after that, though. bill: let me get back to your point about the campaign promise in a moment. i'll roll a clip, a sound from then-senator obama. kirsten, what do you make own the debate here? >> i think it's extremely unlikely, exactly because it would be an unmitigated disaster, politically. if they did this. and i think that robert gibbs was quite clear it was something they are not considered. maybe he's floating this idea the same way that paul vomer -- volcker mentioned this as a possibility. i think taxes will go up, we have a decifit, and the
9:37 am
question is for whom, and that is something that would be a middle class tax hike. bill: you're agreeing with adam, to be clear here. >> well, i'm not agreeing in the sense that i don't think they're going to do it, and the other reason i don't think they're going to do it is that the senate just passed a nonbinding resolution, essentially saying, you know, that they're not going to even consider this, and it was overwhelmingly against the idea of a v.a.t. so i don't think there's even enough support on the hill. bill: it would be 85-13 in the senate, they took a resolution, the resolution says that a massive tax increase will cripple families on fixed incomes, and only further push back america's economic recovery. i want to play the sound bite, adam, and i'll let you respond to that, this from i believe october 2008, senator obama on the trail. >> how many people here make less than a quarter million dollars a year, raise your hand. so no matter what senator
9:38 am
mccain may claim, here are the facts. if you make less than a quarter million dollars a year, under my plan, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime. not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax, no tax. the last thing we should do in this economy is raise taxes on the middle class. it won't happen under an obama administration. take that to the bank. bill: take that to the bank, adam. >> yeah, i mean, that is just, you know -- that is exactly why this is going to be such a problem for him politically if it does go through, because the middle class and the folks who are making less than $250,000 are going to be the most affected by this. bill the other thing he said in that interview, kirsten, is he more concerned with cutting spending than he would to raise taxes on anybody. that's what he said in the interview just yesterday afternoon. where is this government cutting spending? >> i'd love to know!
9:39 am
so i mean, i thought the same thing when i read the interview. you know, everybody keeps talking about spending cuts, and i think there will be spending cuts. the question is where. i think -- >> bill: pick one! pick a department. >> i think in a sense, it's not -- i mean, it's not exactly the type of spending cut you're talking about, but what's going to happen probably is they're going to raise the ages for social security and medicare, and i think they will maybe start doing means testing. i think those are the things that people are expecting probably almost definitely down the pike. bill: more specifically, what he said was to look at wasteful spending, he'd like to cut that out. >> rve always does that. everybody always does that, you know. i'm sure around the margins, there are places that you can cut, but you know, you've got to cut more than wasteful spending, frankly. you're going to have to -- >> bill: , well, we set this out as a key -- debate today but you guys are entirely agreeing too much with each other! that's okay! >> i don't think -- i -- i
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won't say we agree. bill bell adam -- bill: adam, kirsten, thank you. we will talk to john boehner next hour why he thinks the pill proposed to crack down on wall street is a jobs killer. martha: all right, well, we could be in for some wild weather in parts of the country, from now through saturday. there's talk of tornadoes as well. meteorologist janice dean is keeping an eye on this for us from the extreme weather center, where there is never a dull moment. what's headed our way? >> it's been a quiet season in terms of tornadoes. we want people to be aware, especially if you live across the central and southern plains where the severe weather is already starting to fire just west of the wichita area where we have a severe thunderstorm warning, and we're going to watch the threat for some twisting action. we could see the threat for tornadoes as martha mentioned not only today, tomorrow but saturday, cold enough for heavy snow across
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the higher elevations, that's one of the ingredients we need for severe weather is that cold pocket of air. here the severe weather threat for today as we head through tomorrow, a wider-spread area, large hail, damaging winds and yes, the threat for tornadoes. we'll be on it for the next several days in the fox weather center. martha: thank you very much, janice dean, keeping an eye on all of it for us. this is coming up, the battle to get illegals out of arizona, once and for all, the sheriff says the violence is now reaching epidemic proportions. what he plans to do about that. bill: also fists are flying, martha. when the teenagers step into a so-called ring, check this out, -- really? what you're looking at is more than just a fight. it is a dangerous trend that's taking shape across the country, what every parent needs to know, in minutes.
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bill: we are getting news out of the bangkok, thailand, witnesses say three explosions happened near a protest site in central bangkok, at least two injuries reported. you followed the story over the past week and a half, the demonstrators opposed to antidom -- have opposed to the government, in the past there have been fireworks but they're taking it more seriously now. it's taking to the ground in bangkok as we speak on "america's newsroom". martha: this is a big story, folks, the clock is ticking for a hot bed immigration issue fight in arizona. governor jan brewer has to decide, she's got 48 hours, to decide if she will allow law enforcement in her state to take on illegals in an unprecedented way in this country now. this new law, if she signs it, is already sending shock
9:46 am
waves across the state. these are some pictures of protestors out there, getting handcuffed, a lot of protestors say this law smacks of nazi germany and gestappo. one says that the violence has reached epidemic proportions. county sheriff paul babeau joins me. good to have you with us. >> good morning, martha, how are you? >> martha: fine, thanks. a lot of people are upset about this. explain to me your understanding of how life would be different for you and your officers in terms of how you would go after illegals if this law was signed. >> well, i can tell you, martha, that we need help. that crime is out of control. we basically have hundreds of thousands of illegals that come into arizona each and every year, and 17 percent of them have criminal records. so for us in law enforcement, we're the protectors. this isn't about profiling or stopping somebody who's
9:47 am
driving a car simply because they're hispanic. martha: i get what you're saying, sheriff, i absolutely do, but i want to ask you, how would it be different? you know, under what terms would you now be able to pull someone over or walk up to someone and say look, let me see your papers. how would that work? >> fourth amendment rights are still in force, this still is america. what we need, because it is out of control here, here you have sheriffs and cops who are calling for senator mccain's plan to send 3000 soldiers to the border. we wouldn't be doing that if we could handle this ourselves. we would still safeguard everybody's rights, but we are no longer handcuffed, we can ask questions where as a patrol officer, myself, that if i cite somebody into court they'll never show up if they're an illegal because there's nothing to hold them to account, so for officers, that we can ask questions and get to the point where if they don't have arizona driver's license and they have, say,
9:48 am
a mexican national driver's license or they don't have a good residence address or employment, that all this adds up. these are clues for law enforcement officers. martha: and you can bring them in, correct? >> not only we can bring them in, but we're working in partnership with ice and the border patrol, and you're going to have uniform enforcement for once, you're not going to have cities like mesa or chandler who can opt out and think they can just wash their hands of this. we can no longer say this is simply a federal problem. we're living in the impact and we have to do something. martha: in this situation, would the person still have to do something first, like you know, run a red light or commit some kind of offense for you to approach them or ca just approach them on the street? because that's what people are protesting about, that's what they think. >> to those people who are creating those fear, they should be embarrassed. as law enforcement officers, that's part of our job, is to get that reasonable suspicion and probable cause
9:49 am
to take action. and there's a lot of heightened emotions in this, and look, we're the ones caught in the middle, because everybody else has failed to address this issue. and arizona, you've got people from all over america who are weighing in on this, hey, this is our state, and these are our families that we're charged to protect. and we're going to do that. martha: i hear what you're saying. sheriff, it's very good to have you with us. we all other robert crenz, who is a personal example of a rancher who was on his land, he was taken down by an illegal immigrant and that's the kind of thing that folks are very concerned about in arizona and across the nation. >> well, we have had high-speed pursuits in pennell county this, is the county right before metro phoenix, 64 in one month. this is how out of control this is. martha: sure. >> where people are just not obeying law enforcement. martha: keep up the good work, sir, thank you very much for your time. good to speak with you. bill: explains it quite well a. good guest. new reports of
9:50 am
large-scale war games in the persian gulf. details in a moment on who is behind them and why they're being launched now.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
martha: all right, these pictures are incredible, they're brand new images of the sun, just released by nasa, they show this giant flares and clouds of eye onized gas, is what that is, one video shows a bleas known as the coronal mass ejection, how about that! bill: i think that's the cme! martha: so this gives you a sense of how powerful it is.
9:54 am
listen to this, okay? this coranal mass ejection you see, it's the same amount of material contained in the entire mississippi river, ejected at 1 million miles an hour in just 30 seconds. bill: hmm! martha: imagine the power of that. is not the sun an amazing thing? thank goodness we have it, right? keeps us alive. scientists are using the video to study the sun and its impact on the earth's atmosphere and climate. bill: we don't stand a chance against cme! martha: it's a big star, you know. it's a star. bill: indeed it is. the pictures are amazing from nasa. tens of thousands of homeowners across the country facing a big and expensive problem. the government says that homes built with chinese drywall need to be gutted, and they mean gutted, top to bottom. who's going to pay for all this? phil keating is live in fort myers, florida. this must be very expensive, phil. >> reporter: bill, extremely expensive. this is the home of frank and gail cardiola from
9:55 am
orange county, new york, this is the retirement home, they spent $300,000 on it, this was the bedroom, but it doesn't look like it used to, all of the chinese drywall has been completely removed, the crews are ripping down -- ripping down the duct work, this is going to cost $125,000 to rebold. so they have the mortgage, and renting for a condo while this is done and everything that is corroded is being redone. they feel the house is worth zero. they have met with the chinese, gone to the egyptian mines out there and he is urging secretary of state with president clinton, when hugo chavez is visiting, to bring the subjectum to -- subject up to him to get chinese government accountability. >> who is going to be financially responsible? there's only one party who has the deep pockets and that's the government of china, that owns the chinese
9:56 am
drywall companies that did not test them and allowed a defective product to be exported. >> reporter: that chinese drywall contained a sulfur compound that emits sulfur gas which corroded anything copper, basically ruined the house, caused it to stink like rotten eggs and that's why it was unsaleable. the chinese culpability here according to senator nelson, there's also the lawsuit action, there is a class action lawsuit in florida that is currently working towards the courts. bill: you've got the real estate market in a mess and that on top of it. phil keating, thanks, live from fort myers. thank you phil. martha is coming up. martha: we know where the action is in new york city today, because moments from now president obama will arrive in new york city, and lay out the plan to clamp down on wall street. the question is is that a good idea for the u.s. economy. it's a serious question. we're going to talk about it right here, coming up.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
martha: "fox news alert," for you, president obama says he is now open to the idea of a brand new national sales tax, on pretty much everything you buy. folks. the commander-in-chief is headed to the big apple, part of the push to clamp down on the activities on wall street and comes hours after refusing to rule out, in an interview, a european-style value added tax and first, he says he wants to hear back from the economic advisory commission, before he makes any decision and will listen to what they say and the commission is already considering, paul volcker suggested they need to consider a vat tax in the country, hello on this -- what is it, thursday morning, take that, as we say on a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer and the
10:01 am
president saying he will not raise taxes on the folks making under $200,000 and couples less than $250,000 a year and a national sales tax, though, would change all of that. martha: listen for yourself, from an interview, last night. he says, well, i'll tell you what he says, there has been a lot of talk around town, lately about the value added tax, and is something that worked for some countries and would be novel for the u.s., but, not ruling it out. house minority leader john boehner will join us live moments away and we'll see what he thinks of the possibility of a vat tax and the history in europe shows when's they start they go up and up and up and up and up. bill: big news out of baghdad. a military jury clearing a navy s.e.a.l. of all charges in the detainee abuse matter. petty officer first class huertas was accused of failing to prevent the beating of an iraqi prisoner, and the prisoner, by the way is suspected of masterminding the
10:02 am
brutal murders of four american contractors in 2004 and the u.s. businessmen kelled, their bodies set on fire and dragged -- killed and their bodies set on fire and dragged throughout the streets of fallujah and two bodies hung from a bridge and steve centanni has more. what came down? >> reporter: bill, good morning, one happy navy s.e.a.l. in baghdad, julio huertas found not guilty after two hours of deliberation and the lawyer says there were too many inconsistencies in the prosecution's case and the terrorist was not believable, the main witness an photos demonstrate the allegedly abused prisoner was not really seriously hurt and after his trial, liberty base camp, he told fox news a big weight is off his shoulders and he said the trial was more mentally challenging than anything he did in iraq and plans to go home and kiss his wife and two trials scheduled, one nor matthew mccabe, the only navy s.e.a.l. accused of assaulting the
10:03 am
prisoner, goes on trial may 3rd in norfolk, virginia and the prisoner allegedly abused, ahmed abed is the accused mastermind of the horrific attack in fallujah, 6 years ago that left four americans dead and testified in court yesterday about his injuries and lawyers for the navy s.e.a.l.s believe thee injured him he injured himself to incriminate americans and the third trial begins tomorrow in baghdad. bill: steve centanni with breaking news out of washington. thank you. martha: we are getting word of violence in bangkok, witnesses say three small explosions went off nor a protest site there. there are injuries reported, david piper is joining us live from bangkok where there is a lot of chaos and what do you think the blast was? what are you hearing. martha: yes. we are told there were explosions by the security forces, and we are not really sure who caused them. we do know that they took place, very near where the protesters,
10:04 am
the anti-government red shirts are holed up in the heart of the city. and near the famous red light district of pat-pong and it happened on an elevated walkway where many troops are stationed, martha. martha: we're looking at the new video, coming in. and seeing some of the chaos, it is tough to tell what we are looking at and what relationship it has with the blast we are hearing about and give everybody, if you can a thumbnail of how tense things are right now, there, david? >> reporter: it is very tense in the thai capital. and we are really waiting. many, many people are worried we could have a real tragedy on our hands, because these tens of thousands of red shirts have barricaded themselves in the center of the capital, and the thai military warned they are prepared within the next few days to go in and clear them out. and we know what happened last time with 21 people dying
10:05 am
recently. in clashes so at the moment it is extremely tense in bangkok and is not clear what will happen next, martha. martha: difficult, very difficult times there. thanks for the update. david piper, good to have you with us. in bangkok, thailand. bill: new numbers today on the housing market on the road to recovery for america, fresh numbers from the national association of retailers, sales of existing homes surging in the month of march, up 6.8% from the month before, way more, higher than analysts expected. gerri willis breaks down the numbers, go deeper. >> surprise, wall street has expected a 5.2% gain for march home sales and we got more, 6. 8% and they believe the bad weather in january and february would constrain sales and looks like people were out and out pretty impressively. also, in the report, home,
10:06 am
median home sales prices, the critical number, for people who already own and people who are thinking of buying, is 170,000 -- 170,700 and that number went up to 230,000 during the boom and we still have a ways to go to get back to the boom levels. bill: it indicates the past, any indication of what it says about the future, tomorrow? >> it is all about the homebuyer tax credit now, folks are still trying to take advantage of that and will be able to do it. it was extended and people out there who study the market intensively, expect april, may and june to be very, very strong months, for the real estate market. because of that credit. and will be interesting to see what happens, once that credit expires. bill: we are hoping to be on the road to recovery and if you are a buyer out there, by gosh, there's a lot of good deals, gerri willis from the fox business network. martha: the massive oil platform
10:07 am
explosion, and now the search continues for 11 workers, who have in the been seen since last -- since tuesday night. and this is the fire -- that's fire continues and you can see these incredible efforts out there. and, they are way, way out and there is nowhere to run or hide when it happens on an oil rig and now they are having a tough time putting out the flames which is understandable and back on shore the survivors are thankfully reunited with loved ones and kris gutierrez is in texas, dallas, texas with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning to you, martha. roughly 100 survivors were brought back to shore, early this morning in apart fouchon, louisiana by family and friends at a hotel in new orleans after being checked out by doctors and we know, at this hour, 11 of the crewmembers are missing. the coast guard searched more than 1900 square miles, looking for them. and, so far they have come up empty. 17 people were injured, in the
10:08 am
blast, four critically. the crew was doing exploratory drilling, 50 miles off of the coast of louisiana. on a rig, twice the size of a football field and that rig is still burning this morning. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. but early reports are it appears to be a blowout, when natural gas or oil forces its way up a well pipe and smashes the equipment, mar, they kris gutierrez, incredible pictures and a tragedy and they are still trying to find those who are missing. bill: holding out hope. from the middle east iran throwing verbal attacks aimed at the u.s. the supreme leader slamming the obama administration over the nuclear policy. and saying the country will not give the u.s. -- give into u.s. pressure over the nuclear program and iran launched large scale war games in the persian gulf an strait of hormuz and the oil and energy supplies pass through the strait and iran
10:09 am
signals they'll close the waterway if attacked. martha: listen. a shocking uranium bust goes down near russia. georgia's president announced his country seeized a shipment f highly enriched uranium on its way to russia and blames russia for allowing organized nuclear smugglers to operate in the region and russia dismisses the claims and the news, of course comes one week after two former cold war enemies, u.s. and russia, signed a pact to limit the nuclear arsenals of both countries, and congress has yet to approve the treaty. bill: the moment, they are eyeing big trouble in the big apple, michael bloomberg not thrilled with the new york senior senator. the little town blues are not melting away. we'll tell you what is sparking that rift in minutes, here... martha: and something like the movie "fight club." comes to life. a became called ten seconds. if you are a parent you need to know about it.
10:10 am
disturbing video, coming up. bill: maybe you hang around the water cooler at work. and this guy is hangin'... 9:00 to 5:00, things got a bit haywire. how high is he? martha: gosh! fragrant moisturizers from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. active naturals formula's shown to lock in 24-hour moisture. new positively nourishing. only from aveeno. and replace your old mayo acti e[ female announcer ]shown it's time to raise the barre. with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ made with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo... ...kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo.
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martha: talk about a bad day at the office... check this out, two workers in south florida, now safe on solid dproupd, i' ground, after the scaffolding collapsed, the men dangling by the safety harness, that is why they wear them and one of them is being hauled in and wait until you see the wide shot, a high rise building, i kid you not and both are okay. one has been taken to the hospital to be checked out and a safety group plans to visit the scene to determine why that scaffolding may have failed. and in any event, they are glad to be home! bill: one lucky man, huh? as he went in the window, martha, anyone down the street, go down the street and buy the
10:14 am
lottery ticket. martha: went out and had a beer. i'm done, off for the weekend! see you guys on monday! bill: drinks on me! a rift between the mayor of new york city and the empire senior senior, michael bloomberg sour on chuck schumer at the moment and reports say he was critical of the new york democrat during a meeting with minority republican leader mitch mcconnell and a growing dispute, schumer backing a strict regulation on banks and hedge funds, bloomberg saying it would drain new york city's lifeblood. it is important today on the story, because the president is here within an hour, liz claman, the "fox business" network, count down to the closing bell and bulls & bears and everything else that moves on fbn! how are you. >> well. bill: not just the mayor is ticked off, or has a rub with schumer but the white house, he says you will kill jobs here. >> and he's sticking up for new york city and this is our home town paper, "the new york post.".. and part of the family and it says don't kim the golden goose and this mayor says, 1 in
10:15 am
12 working new yorkers, bill are related to the financial sector here and is a huge, huge tax revenue generator and he says don't be too tough and feels senator schumer, perhaps at least according to reports with meetings that have been held, feels the senator is not sticking up for wall street. bill: how could you regulate this and get bipartisan support in washington? and do it en a way where you don't kill jobs? john boehner is coming up in 25 minutes and that is all he'll talk about, he says this idea will run jobs out of america. >> on the one hand, there are people who say absolutely. if you are too tough and the president will speak just before noon eastern time here in new york about that. if you are too tough, you will squelch the biggest opportunity creator here in the city of new york and the financial world center, but, on the other hand, obama would probably say, hey, if you want to talk about a job killer looks a year-and-a-half back when there were too many cowboys and indians fighting it out with no sheriff watching. bill: the point will be made
10:16 am
today and others would say, well, there is nothing in here to crack down on fannie mae and freddie mac. and right now, fannie mae and freddie mac is on giby the government and they control so many mortgages, today and they'll figure out a way to generate more revenue in washington and you can see it coming and among the people you talk to on the smart channel, at fox begin... know everything that is moving, a vat tax, is it a good idea in america. >> okay. this is so emotional. everybody hears the word tax and freaks out and says, this is a terrible thing and we don't need more taxes and a vat tax is, a national sales tax that is implemented at every step of the product's moving to market. and, a lot of people would say it would be terrible. for this country, and i've spoken to a couple of coast who say, wait, if you don't do that you will tax the very rich over and over and over again at the top. and there are others who argue, wait, go where the money is. the wealthy in the nation, but,
10:17 am
a national sales tax would get all americans included in this, but there are other... bill: it is a political firecracker and the senate voted 85-13 and said it would be a massive tax increase that would cripple families on fixed income and further push back america's nick recovery, is it a trial balloon or will it happen. >> initially when it was floated, the obama administration sent out the word, we're distancing ourselves from this, no way we want a part of it and the president has a deficit commission and said nothing is off the table. we'll look at everything to bring down the gigantic deficit. in end i talked to economists who say there is no way this administration right now is going to push for a vat tax because it is such a political firecracker, as you say. bill: to quote him from yesterday, the president, saying i want to get a better picture of what our options are and you wonder what are our options now? with all of the spending and the
10:18 am
tax increases and the black hole... >> extending the retirement age a couple of years, some people talked about that. saying have people work a little bit more and longer because we are living to 85, 87, a lot longer and a lot of rules are antiquated and the republicans, fight against certain aspects of this, and rightly so in many regards, not all the -- we can't squelch the system but they have to be careful, to do a delicate dance and not appearing to be too opposed to at least putting in oversight. because we know what happened two years ago when there was not enough. bill: liz, see you on fb inch and the president in a mart 0 minutes, john boehner on deck, too. thank you, liz! martha: and we'll all work to 75, no retirement until 75. bill: see ya in the home! martha: on a more serious -- or another serious note, a different kind, there is a trend growing among children. across the country.
10:19 am
martha: you know what they call it? ten seconds. you get ten seconds to punch the you know what out of someone. and what can happen in that short amount of time can leave a child with serious injuries. this is something every parent needs to watch. bill: also look at this in a moment here... roll this: >> here comes another... rounding third and coming to the plate and... safe! unbelievable play! bill: have you ever seen a score like this before? bases loaded. the guy who is doing the flipping is here today, live. check him out in 30 minutes! >> he argues james beck tagged him and brian was one of the most amazing... (announcer) it's one of the best mid size sports sedans in the world
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bill: a story out of detroit now, there is a game at a local high school, called ten seconds and it may be happening at your local high school at the moment. ten seconds is the amount of time opponents have to pummel each other. the fight so vicious at times children have ended up with serious injuries. and, andrea issom works with our detroit affiliate, wjbk and some of the video you are about to see can be disturbing. here's her report. >> reporter: what you are looking at is not just boys being boys, a fair fight between two feuding fellows, these are mutually agreed upon, ufrn brutal beat-downs and jabs and body blows that could leave your opponent bloody, bruised and it may pale in comparison to a prize fight the participants could be your kids. a new phenomenon going on nationwide and is called "ten seconds." because that is all the time you get to bring the pain. and pummelling your opponent
10:24 am
with your fists and your feet. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: these bouts didn't happen in metro detroit but there was one a few days ago at baker middle school in troy. >> it happened in the boy's bathroom upstairs on the second floor. >> and he was punching, and, collapsed his lung and now he's in the hospital. >> reporter: investigators don't say exactly how bad the boy was hurt but they said this: he along with the kid he was fighting and the one who caught it on cell phone camera were suspended. bill: andrea issom reporting, wjbk and that is brutal and they -- some of that stuff, they need to aim higher. martha: ever get into a fight in high school. bill: sure. martha: sure. sorry about that, did you win? bill:... martha: win some, lose some. bill: maybe once. martha: boys, boys, boys... all right, to the border, strength in numbers, you might say, for the first time, mexican agents are teaming up with the u.s.
10:25 am
border patrol, and are training together so they can better fight the deadly war on drugs that plays out on both sides, sounds like a good idea, let's see how it is working out, adam housely joins us from tucson with more on what the training is these agents are going through. >> it is good, and it has been asked for some time, why is there not more training with both sides working together? for the first time that is happening. a race across the desert on atvs and practicing fighting techniques north of the u.s.-mexico border, agents from both countries are joining forces for an unprecedented training operation, aimed at the heart of an ongoing and violent battle. >> we need to communicate with each other, without talking. >> there has always been cooperation but maybe tense cooperation. if you will. but, we're getting to know each other, as people. >> reporter: a politically
10:26 am
sensitive alliance, intended to save lives and possibly lead to the creation of a mexican counterpart to the u.s. border patrol. 35 mexican police officers, have gone through the important training, and they use in the war on drugs and this is one of three people going through this training, using the weapons like this one here, and, it's the same as they'll you'd in kneeled and the upper receiver is a paint pellet type thing for training only and they'll provide first responder medical aid in the desert. >> we are happy to help fellow cops stay alive, that is for sure. >> reporter: 50 mexican police officers went to the training and the plans are for several hundred to be trained the next year and what is interesting, the mexican president's office, we have spoken to on the phone even this morning, they say they are absolutely in favor of that and want to put more officers down there, again to hopefully create their own border patrol for the first time. martha: and we spoke to a sheriff who said they need all
10:27 am
the help they can get. >> reporter: absolutely. martha: thank you very much. adam housely. bill: closer to home in new york, president obama making his pitch on financial reform, in a moment, why john boehner thinks the idea of the -- is a job killer, live here. >> and remember this, her private e-mail account was hacked into during part of the -- the heart of the 2008 presidential campaign and the suspect, the young man in the middle of the screen is on trial, former alaska governor sarah palin could take the stand at any time now and the stunning revelations sarah palin's daughter brought into the courtroom yesterday. we'll tell you. a lot of people n do one thing and one thing only. and those people are what i like to call wrong. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium,
10:28 am
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about our $89 carpet cleaning specials. ♪ bill: there are developments in "america's newsroom" on the priest sex abuse scandal from rome, pope benedict xvi has now accepted the resignation of an irish bishop. a bishop accused of protecting pedophile priests back in dublin. and greg burke is live, in rome, italy with more now. greg? >> reporter: that is right. you don't need an advanced degree in moral theology to understand basic right and wrong when it comes to sex abuse seems to be what the bishop, bishop m moriarity and yesterday, the pope promised action with the sex abuse crisis and this is what the catholic faithful would like to see and a lot of priests were punished for misdeeds but
10:32 am
not bishops who in many cases covered them up or tried to shovel them away and ireland is a good place to start and pope benedict xvi criticized the bishops in a long letter in march for their negligence and saying it got to such a point they could no longer even be effective and that was opening the door for some heads to roll, as they have started. now, finally, bill, sort of a domino effect here as well, a german bishop today, also, offered his resignation, but that was not for sexual abuse but physical abuse from decades ago when he was a parrish priest. bill. bill: greg burke reporting live in rome, more developments as we get them here. martha: sarah palin may be in court soon. the former vp candidate cobb taking the stand at any time now, a former college student, just to remind you about the story, that brought all of it out, david kernell, in the middle of the video is on trial, right now. the charges are that he hacked into sarah palin's e-mail, in
10:33 am
2008, right after he was tapped as john mccain's running mate and his attorney says, no big deal, it was a harmless prank. but bristol palin testified yesterday and begs to differ and recalled how scared she was after her cell phone number made its way onto the web and a group of boys called her, one night on her cell phone, and they said we are right outside your house and she explained why that was so scary. she said he live in the middle of nowhere in alaska car, the middle of the woods and it was almost dodds describes it as almost a stalking kind of experience and she was frightened and that is the tip of the iceberg here, ann marie mcevoy joins us and keith sullivan, a criminal defense attorney, how strong is this case against the young man. >> it is a very strong case and is serious what he did, he did it in the midst of a presidential campaign and could have affected, if they got information relevant to the campaign, could have affected an
10:34 am
election. it also affected the family and friends of sarah palin. as well as sarah palin herself. and i think that that incident regarding her daughter, bristol, while she was pregnant, is really indicative of how serious this is. he wasn't accused of having done the calls but it was his actions that led to that. he's facing up to 50 years in prison for what he has done. martha: that is a long time and keith you have a different take. >> sure. let's be clear, these cyber cases, internet cases because of the digital fingerprint left in cyberspace are difficult to defend. that said, this particular case was nothing more than a college prank. that went wrong. there was no harm done, the biggest outcry is that bristol palin had to go six weeks without the use of a cell phone and 17-year-old, certainly that is tragic. in this case, there are several issues, that may come up on appeal, if the individual is convicted. first of all, during voir dire
10:35 am
of the jurors, both sides want an impartial and unbiased jury. the defense attorney was precluded from illiciting from the jurors, what their political feelings and what their political backgrounds were, and, especially their feelings towards sarah palin. that is a huge, huge issue to get past when dealing with somebody, who is a celebrity, such as sarah palin. martha: what do you think, ann marie. >> i think their views on sarah palin could cut both ways. because people have strong feelings both ways, so, it could well be there are jurors who really dislike her and don't like the situation with her daughter having been pregnant at the time and they may not be so sympathetic towards the family as keith may suggest. >> well, martha, one thing, this particular venue is a conservative, very republican venue, and this individual, the defendant, his father is a democratic politician, in fact the republican chair woman of the local organization -- >> you argue he cannot get a fair trial. >> absolutely, he can't.
10:36 am
in fact the republican committee said they are going down to the courthouse, not because they are interested in the prosecution, but, they are interested in shaking hands and taking pictures with sarah palin. martha: and ann marie, in terms of what he did with the information, if you are going to argue that it was a prank, you have to prove if you are arguing against it prove that he did something instrumental with the information. and it had an impact, right. >> you do and, when look at what he did, he posted photographs, that were private photographs, the family had taken. bristol sentence a picture of this -- sarah palin's baby taking the first bite of solid food and this next thing, she sees it on, i believe fox news where she saw it. actually, not something she expected, a private photo she sent to her mother on the air. martha: what kind of time are we talk about, in reality, ann marie, and in the back to you. >> certainly i can't imagine he's actually going to get 50 years, for this. but he will -- a good chance, if he's convicted he'll spend a few
10:37 am
years in jail for this. there has to be a message sent here. his father was involved in the democratic party. and, a huge campaign and you can't allow people to hack... martha: stick to the fundamentals of the case, how much time do you think, keith he gets. >> should get probation and nothing more, a slap on the wrist. martha: thanks, you guys, we'll watch the case, of course, as it plays out. good to have you with us today. bill: we're on the job hunt today, if you are tech savvy the news is good. at last check, 7 million americans work in the tech sector and are about to be more, google hired 800 people in the first three months of this year and the numbers show tech job listings have picked up significantly. on the web. claudia cowan is in tech city, san francisco. hey! our apologies, the signal went down. trust us when we say there are jobs in the tech sector and we'll try and get it
10:38 am
reestablished and google is expanding and a lot of folks are given signs of the economic recovery, that we are seeing throughout the country, too, and folks in california were hit hard, a big way over the last two years, back to her on that. martha: and we have a computation when we go to washington, d.c. who takes longer, if you take the shuttle, which he likes to do and i like the amtrak which goes quickly between this cities and think door-to-door it is more efficient and the best way is the way the president comes. bill: air force one. martha: air force one, marine one to air force one, he'll beat our time. bill: he's en route to new york to talk about regulations on wall street. we will talk with the house minority leader john boehner in a few moments, and he says the jobs -- it is a jobs killer and our guest in minutes and also in moments... best clip from a college baseball game, ever! >> rounding third, coming to the plate and... he's safe. >> he's safe. he's here, live.
10:39 am
martha: i could watch that over and over! looks like he knew that is what he was going to do. we'll ask him, right after this. i have astigmatism. so my old contact lenses would sometimes move out of place and blur my vision. my eye doctor said there's great news for people with astigmatism. acuvue oasys for astigmatism. they work with the way my eyes move and blink, which helps them stay in place. and this is the only lens of its kind made with hydraclear plus. i'm seeing more clearly, crisply, comfortably, all day long. now life doesn't have to be a blur. [ male announcer ] for a free trial pair certificate, go to acuvue oasys for astigmatism.
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plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now - and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> i'm jon scott, jane and we will john you for "happening now" and when we do, a number of privacy groups are pushing the transportation security administration to stop the use of the body scanners at airports, what do you think? how much privacy are you willing to give up, for airline safety, we'll debate it. also a harrowing ordeal at sea, three fishermen survive, the sudden sinking of a fishing b t boat, in ice cold waters, you will not believe the story, we will have it for you and happening now. bill: jon, thank you, and in the
10:43 am
meantime, president obama en route to new york city, sets a call for strict federal regulations on wall street and critics call a jobs killer and one idea would offer a permanent bailout to wall street and one critic is with me, ohio republican john boehner. the house minority leader and welcome back, sir, here to "america's newsroom." nice to see you from washington. a jobs killer, how is it going to run jobs out of america the way it is structured at the moment? >> when you look at the new regulation, they are proposing on derivatives it will be a lot easier and cheaper for companies, that use these products to source them out of singapore or london or somewhere else. there has to be common sense reforms here that bring more transparency and accountability to the process, without pushing this business off our shores... bill: that is an interesting point, how would you, then, regulate wall street, that is satisfactory and not cost america jobs? >> well, i think what we ought to do is work together, to plug
10:44 am
the holes in our regulatory system, so in the fall of 2 on the 8, what -- what happened in 2008 cannot happen again and that is not what is happening and if you look at it here it provides for a permanent bailout of wall street or any other business the federal government thinks poses a systemic risk. and establishes this new financial stability board made up of a bunch of bureaucrats, no one elected, that would make these decisions about what companies to take over and what types of bailout to provide them. bill: that bailout is what, $50 billion, and the current proposal -- in the current proposal and already we hear democrats may back out of that? if they take it out of the bill would it be satisfactory. >> bill, even if they take the $50 billion out of the bill they still have the authority at the fdic, treasury and federal reserve, to create money, to borrow money, to bail out all of
10:45 am
these firms, forget the fund, it is almost irrelevant to this. bill: why would they want to do it and what is this thinking and the logic. >> that is what i don't understand. they create a permanent bailout fund and institutionalize too big to fail. when you look at what happened to fannie mae and freddie mac, that started the whole financial melt done, they had an implicit guarantee from the federal government. that we would stand behind them and, what did we do? we did stand behind them and the way they are proceeding with the bailout bill, they'll be providing the same kind of explicit guarantee, to big wall street firms, at the expense of our regional banks and our smaller community banks. bill: that takes us into a new area with regard to fannie mae and freddie mac. why would fannie mae and freddie mac not be included in the reform or regulation? take a stab at that. >> that is the $54 trillion
10:46 am
question. that these they're firms two started this and reform of these firms is not part of the bill. but they want to go after wall street and after my community banks and the 8th district of ohio, and, yet, want to ignore them and i can't answer that. you have to ask the president. bill: okay, maybe we'll hear on that a bit later today, fannie mae and freddie mac, a lot of critics out there about what happened on their contribution and went down over the past, oh, let's say, 2-3 years. you have a challenge, the way i see it and your challenge is to convince voters that you are not sticking up forewall street and this is -- for wall street and is a populist message that the president will, all likelihood, say, sea what i'm doing and cracking down on the bankers on wall street and there is not a lot of sympathy for bankers in new york city. how do you make the case. >> the presidents has tried to label mitch mcckoconnell and i
10:47 am
protectors of wall street and it couldn't be further from the truth. their legislation provides for a permanent bailout of wall street and these people put barack obama, democrats in charge here in washington. and, yet, their bill, frankly, does everything wall street would want. so the president, can make these claims, but i think the facts speak otherwise. and, the truth is, the american people have had enough of the federal government. they want a smaller, less costly and more accountable federal government and while they are not happy with the wall street -- and i'm not, either, the bill will in fact enrich wall street, at the expense of every other financial institution in the country. >> is it hard to make this point and convince people? >> listen, all i know is that i tell my kids, when they were growing up and tell my colleagues every day, do the right things for right reasons and the right things will happen. bill: john boehner, thanks for coming back today. we'll talk again soon. >> thanks, bill. bill: you bet. martha? martha: are, check this out.
10:48 am
>> here comes another... rounding third, coming to the plate, and, safe! unbelievable! a circus fly over to home plate! martha: i could watch it over and over and he's here in the studio! and you will meet him! i will ask him, where he learned to do that, right after this. bill: how do you do that. good gravy, bill. our insurance company doesn't have anything like it. magnificent, isn't it? with progressi, it's easy to cover all of your favorite rides. progressive has truck insurance? number one in truck and motorcycle. is that a golf cart? yep. we also cover rvs, boats, snowmobiles. don't tell me, you insure pink ponies? no, um... i just like to ride that sometimes. [ chuckles ]
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martha: it has its own name, the fordham split, the player who makes the perfect play, watch, this is how legends are made, folks, first comes the pitch. check it out... >> the pitch, and, line drive, center field, and, a base hit!
10:52 am
and, he scores the leading run and here comes... and he is rounding third and coming to the plate and, diving over home and -- safe! unbelievable, and, he is -- a circus fly! martha: effortless. and the all-star baseball player, brian, who joins me now, we got you out of school to come down here. and you are not far from where we are. >> not far. martha: and it looks so smooth and doesn't look like you take a moment to hesitate and say how will i get around the guy. what was going through your mind. >> when he got the ball i was five feet away and saw he had the whole plate blocked and, i guess, my first instinct was to jump over him, i didn't think it would be flawless or anything. martha: didn't think it would turn into the flip. >> no. martha: or -- now, was there -- was there any doubt in your mind that you were safe. >> no doubt. i knew e he different touch me.
10:53 am
martha: and, you -- no doubt in your mind. >> no doubt. martha: you have an acrobatic history of sorts, i was handed the "sports illustrated" magazine and we'll look at another picture that shows you doing another rather interesting move. have you always been this acrobatic. >> notes not really. i just got in the wrong place at the wrong time for that one. >> tell me about that one. >> at a game at miami, we won, and, you know, runner was stealing second, and, the ball was right at the runner and i tried to get the ball and i was taken out. martha: you are developing quite a following, as the legendary acrobatic baseball player. and do you want to play pro. >> i would like to, of course, but... martha: if it's in the cards. >> yeah. martha: now, what do your parents say about the flip, were they there. >> they were there. they said it was a nice play, but, just be safe.
10:54 am
martha: your mom is like, don't do that stuff, right! worrying about your future. so, talk to me about, you know, sort of, the -- the season overall, how it is going and you're at fordham, and, for those of you who don't know and what is in your future? >> well, now, we had a somewhat good season, up to this point and hopefully we'll continue to play better and, make our conference tournament and win that. martha: all right, you are a super athlete and a baseball player since you were five, you said, right and you are a yankees fan, right. >> yes. martha: and bill, what do you think... bill: i'm thinking, we'll look at that in a moment and we have a whole studio here, my friend, if you want to... martha: do a flip. bill: a repeat performance, watch the slow-mo and tell us what you think, whether or not he was safe or out. regular speed. and slow-mo is coming up and, that catcher and the pitcher and the opposing manager, not happy with this, here we are, right?
10:55 am
did the right elbow get you, brian, yet or no. you are on national tv. >> no, it did not! bill: he's safe. martha: and did you hear him say, no doubt in his mind. bill: well done, brian. >> thank you for having me. martha: good luck to you! a good young man and an awesome flip. bill: and won the game! martha: what could be better. bill: in a moment, she lured her husband to a special place, telling him she had a special surprise. that surprise got her a felony conviction. we can't make this up. ♪ ♪ i'll hammer in the morning ♪ i'd hammer in the evening ♪ all over the land ♪ i'd hammer out... b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-a-t-e.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ martha: oh, the queen. okay, there are some new
10:59 am
photographs, this is fascinating, that were just released of queen elizabeth ii in honor of her 84th birthday, the portrait shows the first sitting by the british head of state. there it is, isn't that interesting, seven months old the infant royal is in a white dress, like mobe babies are in the first picture, one is being held by the mother. the pictures are part of a new book. >> what a surprise it was, he clubbed him in the face, he suffered minor injury. martha: this is crazy. bill: his wife will be at home for quite some time. utah.


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